Healthy breakfast options can be hard when you’re on the go.  If you don’t have healthy cereal or oatmeal ready to go, it’s pretty hard to find a good, wholesome breakfast that will be ready in under ten minutes.  Ya feel me?

But there’s always smoothies.

Smoothies are simple and easy…not to mention a great way to hide some greens in for picky eaters, make fruits yummy, and get some calcium in.   They’re easy to make, easy to pour into a to-go cup for an on the go type of morning, etc.  I love getting in nutrients for the day so I can be active and satisfied.

I have a few few smoothie ingredient favorites….I like to sneak in some kale or spinach(you can’t even taste it!), cherries, blueberries, bananas, and raspberries are my favorite fruits to blend in, and I oh-so love coconut milk(it has a great source of calcium!).  But if you want to get extra creative and get real bold with some unique smoothie flavors, here you go….a smoothie round up!

Also, nut free smoothie recipes are hard to find(stinkin’ peanut butter and almond milk).  I use sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter and coconut milk or regular milk in place of almond milk.  These recipes in my round-ups may contain nuts….remember these handy-dandy substitutions.

*These recipes are mostly not mine, please visit the link to pin, share, etc. 🙂 Thanks.  

Apple Pie Smoothie– The key ingredient is applesauce.

Vanilla Chai Smoothie– I love these flavors together.  Why not blend them into a smoothie?

Gingerbread Smoothie– It’s not even the holidays….but yum!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Smoothie– My go to recipe when a sweet craving hits.

Funfetti “Milkshake”– Ummm…dessert flavors, but healthier?  YES!

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie– Chock full of produce and from one of my favorite bloggers.

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie– I already know chocolate and avocado can combine to perfection.


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