Hey!  Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Maggie…a young foodie, joy seeker, crafter, Christian, fashion lover, and a laugher!

I’m very happy you’ve made it over to my happy place. I really try to keep it real here.  I share some of my favorite recipes, DIYs, fashion outfits and trends, and occasionally a snapshot of my life.

This is my sister.  I love her to pieces.  She also drives me nuts. 🙂  I have a wonderful family and supportive friends.  The Lord has blessed me so much!

Recently I’ve had a sudden interest in photography.  It’s really fun!  My sister and I have random photoshoots. She took this one of me.   

I really enjoy blogging and writing.  Writing calms me, excites me, and gives me confidence all at the same time.

I enjoy baking and cooking.  Just like writing, it brings me joy and calms me all at the same time.  I especially have interest in healthy, wholesome foods.  I’m not saying I’m a health nut extreme or anything, but I enjoy healthy baking.  There are also days that I fully indulge on cake, cookies, etc. 🙂   Balance is key.  I am also nut free.*  I used to be egg free, so don’t be surprised if you find some egg free recipes here, too.  Allergies run near and dear to me.

I have lots of fun in life.  I really enjoy nature.  I love spending time at our cottage in the cool, refreshing water and soaking up the sun.  Friends and family add so much fun to my moments!

  So there you have it!  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!:)

*I do provide nut free recipes(with the exception of coconut).  However, many brands contain or may contain your allergy.  Be sure to use only ingredients you can eat.


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