ūüćéApple Orchardūüćé

Hey everyone! ¬†Sorry about my lack of posts. ¬†Last time I posted we were in summer. ¬†Now we’re approaching fall. Ohhh….how I miss my summer days where I woke up and lounged around for the day. ¬†Now it’s back to 6:30 mornings and busy school days. ¬†But it’s also time for apples, pumpkin, vibrant leaves, and crisp, fall air. ¬†

My family just visited the apple orchard. ¬†We do it at least once every fall season. ¬†It’s a great activity to enjoy the fall season and get in the spirit for this season. ¬†Let’s face it: summer is pretty hard to say bye to. ¬†But when you have these fun autumn things to look forward to…it makes the transition a little easier.

Thousands of apple trees all lined up…full of crisp, juicy apples just ready to be bitten into, made into apple pie, or served as warm applesauce with loads of cinnamon. ¬†God’s creation amazes me everyday.

It’s beautiful to look at the apples against the blue sky.

Fall boots!  Another one of my favorite things about fall is the fashion!  LOL.  I love layering with cute sweaters and styling my boots.

My awesome cousin. And my awesome sister.  Both of which add lots of laughter to my life.

Our apple orchard does not just have apples…it also has many farm animals, craft fairs, cute decorations, and of course apple cider. ¬†Their goats were just so playful(and fun to play with!) ¬†Also, please excuse my sloppy hair.

  Fall photo-op!

Of course you can’t go apple picking without climbing a tree….or at least I can’t. ¬†ūüėČ

My parents…and their silliness. ¬†Displaying their affection. ¬†ūüôā

These apple trees are just great for photos! ¬†Although the sun was not quite agreeing.(sorry for the shadows…

As you can see we had lots of fun. ¬†Although I do suggest you wait a little while if you’re apple picking. ¬†It was just a tad bit too early here and we didn’t get as many apples as we had hoped…but that may just mean we get to go again!