My Snacks 

I think everyone loves a little afternoon snack.  I know I sure do!  But if you’re going to have a snack, it can’t be chocolate cake everyday.  Because if it could be, then I would indulge everyday!  But since it can’t be chocolate cake, how about some healthy, flavorful snacks instead?

Here are some simple ideas:


Sunflower Butter//No Refined Sugar Added Fruit Spread//Cream Cheese//Brown Rice Cake

Cheese//Whole Grain Crackers

 Annie’s Crackers//Jackfruit Chips

Go Raw Spicy Fiesta Seeds// Homemade Chia Grapefruit Juice Drink

Broccoli Slaw/Dried Cherries/Garlic Vinaigrette

Way Better Snacks’ Simply Unbeatable Blues Corn Tortilla Chips